What Are the Best Water Coolers?

Best Water Coolers

There are so many different kinds of water coolers out there, but what is the best type? In short, the best one is the kind that has all the features that you need and then some. Some of the more common features to look for are things like refrigeration units, heat exchangers, and fans to keep your water cooler as much as possible while in storage. This is not always the case with all water coolers though, and it is important to read the reviews of a manufacturer in order to find out the ones that are rated the highest.

Best Water Coolers

The most basic unit that you can find is the upright type, which is the least expensive. It is also the easiest to store, which is another thing that many people prefer. Some of the other units that are available include freestanding units that can be mounted on the wall, and they come with their own refrigerant system and a built in thermostat. The biggest benefit of these units is that they are very compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal for storage in spaces like closets and pantries.

Another big consideration when you are shopping around is how well the unit holds up against moisture. Some types of water coolers have plastic tanks that hold the water and the cooler itself. Other water coolers use glass tubes for this purpose. The type that uses glass tubes can be more fragile because of its size, but it is more reliable than the plastic tanks that may break more easily. In general though, if you buy one that uses glass tubes, it is a good idea to buy the one that has the highest quality plastic tanks to keep your water safe and secure in a long term storage situation.

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