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A recent study examining three Saudi Arabia cities, namely; Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh. The article focused on the students, parents and teachers’ perceptions towards using online internet for education, its impact on student scores and educational performance, and its effect on the general attitude of the student towards internet based education.

Online Home Work

The study conducted focused on the attitudes of the students towards using the internet for education, as well as their parents who were in-charge of the school curriculum. All the subjects were randomly selected and presented to the students and parents before a period of two months. There were two types of subjects, namely reading and math. After this the same method was applied to the parents of the students to check their opinion on the same subjects.

The students and their parents were mostly positive towards using online education for education. They also felt it would help them in their studies and also be able to save some time to devote to their studies. However, the parents expressed some negative views in regards to their children’s studies using the internet for education. It was observed that many parents did not like the fact that their children spent most of their time online and did not have any interaction with their classmates during the course of the education.

This is because their children were not exposed to the real life situation which is usually the basic requirement in all forms of education including the internet education. The results revealed that in some cases the children failed to learn much or even get the subjects correct in comparison to their peers who did their online education. This led to the conclusion that the education systems in this country are not well-informed about the internet and education and therefore they are making mistakes by ignoring the fact that their students do not use the internet properly.

Another thing noticed was that many students did not get any idea of how to conduct online research, due to the general attitudes that they had been given regarding their studies and education. There was no discussion on how to analyze the results or even the importance of statistics that are so vital for getting good results. This makes them feel that their studies are worthless because they have no information about them.

To improve these situations, the government needs to conduct more awareness campaigns to make the general public aware of the importance of the internet and education in the society. More education programs need to be launched to make them realize that the internet-based education is a boon for them.

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